Are you thinking of selling your home? Did you know that a home that has been staged sells for 6% more than one that has not and typically spends less time on the market?  Staging not only gives you a jump-start on organizing your packing process, it also gets you more money for your home! At Haven Space Designs, we look at your home through the eyes of a buyer and help give you the tips and tricks that you need to sell your home quickly and for more money!

Vacant Home Staging

“Get it Sold” Full Staging Package:  For maximum results and to compete in a competitive market, Haven Space Designs works to make your listing stand out!  During our free consultation, we will typically spend approximately 30 minutes at the property to take photos of the areas that need to be staged and to get a feel for the style of the home and typical buyer demographics for the area. From there our team selects the most appropriate furniture and accessories for your property. Haven Space Designs manages all parts of the staging process from selecting art and accessories, to arranging delivery and completing instillation, and then de-staging the property once it has sold!

Pricing is dependent on the size of the home, the number of rooms to be staged, and the style of furniture and accessories. A staging proposal with pricing will be sent within 24-48hrs of the initial consultation.

Occupied Home Staging

During our Home Staging Consultation the seller and Home Staging Expert will walk through each room and evaluate the look, feel, and function of each space from the buyer’s perspective.  Within 24-48hrs of the consultation, you will be sent a detailed report outlining the changes necessary to get the greatest return on your staging investment along with helpful tools and reminders.  Have Space Designs always starts with what you have but occasionally we may make suggestions of key items and accessories that could be purchased to increase the appeal of the home. In that case, you can choose to have Haven Space Designs do the shopping for you and return to pull it all together. 

Occupied Home Staging Consultation - $200.00

Hands-On Occupied Home Staging

Certain homes require more staging direction than others. You can choose to have a Home Staging Expert from Haven Space Designs do the work for you. Instead of getting a report with what needs to be completed to get the property ready for the market, our expert will make all of the recommended changes for you!

Hands-On Occupied Home Staging - $350.00 (for up to 4hrs)